Probate Successions

Finding Resolution and Closure in Probate

If a family member has passed away you need legal representation for a succession, or probate. The probate process proves the last will, if any, and distributes assets to heirs and beneficiaries while paying necessary expenses of the deceased. While complex and open to disputes within a family, we help our grieving clients find a sense of peace and closure following their loss.

The attorneys at Schrumpf Law, Sulphur’s premiere law firm, compassionately and aggressively protect the rights and inheritances of our clients throughout the succession process.

Proper handling of a succession is vital in preventing future family disputes and complex litigation over inheritances. For help, contact us at 337-625-9077.

The Impact of Succession on Inheritances

In the state of Louisiana, transmission of a deceased’s estate to heirs or legatees, with or without a will is referred to as a succession. Probate refers to the process of filing and proving the will, if any. Decisions that the deceased family member did not make are now in the hands of the court. We strive to achieve amicable resolution of claims. Executors and heirs need a higher level of advocacy as arguments often can boil over into a lawsuit.

Careful Facilitation of a Difficult and Personal Process

Once a list of assets and debts is generated and agreed upon by the heirs, the expenses are paid and the remaining assets are transferred to the heirs. The objective is to allow everyone to move on with their lives and maintain peace within a family.

We help our clients through the succession process. The problems that can arise over inheritances underscores the need for thorough estate planning from an experienced attorney.

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